Managing a complex OpenText Customer Experience Management installation can be challenging. Siterise unifies and simplifies all of your OpenText Web Experience Management, Portal, and Tempo Social environments, providing single-console access to Development, Staging, and Production.

Siterise Increases Productivity and Reduces Risk

Siterise is an essential tool for OpenText CEM developers and operations teams.


Be more productive by using a syntax-highlighted source editor to quickly make changes to JSP, XSL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PBD, and any configuration files or properties.

Autosuggest and Dictionary

The Siterise editor provides Autosuggest and Dictionary support to help developer productivity.

Compare Summary

Troubleshoot problems and increase certainty with deployments by comparing all assets on Development, Staging, and Production.

Merge Files

The merge facility lets you quickly transfer files and the two-pane editor lets you compare selectively merge individual differences.

Manage Configurations

Get access to your configuration files and compare them for troubleshooting purposes.


End the frustration of lost code with the History function that maintains a version of the changes that you and your team make.

Repackage Components

Reduce downtime and risk by creating a right-sized deployment packages, eliminating monolithic full site import/exports.


With a simple right-click, transfer components into different directories or into source control directories. Siterise also lets you drag and drop components from instance to instance or onto your desktop.


Siterise monitors your log outputs from a central, searchable, color-coded log viewer. Exceptions jump out in bright red, quickly highlighting problems.

Back-end Analytics

Gain access to valuable usage charts and reports without sending data to third-party systems. Even system diagnostic metrics like memory usage is exposed.

Issue Reporting

Get fast support in case you run into issues. Our built in error reporting system can attach all of the required files for us to get you a solution fast.


Throughout Siterise, there are direct links to the various OpenText consoles, allowing for additional changes to be made quickly.


Easily invoke scripts with a push of a button.

Web Experience Management

Use Siterise to make changes to your WEM Display Views. Making modifications to JSP and XSL display views with the inline editor is a snap, allowing you to see and tweak your changes instantly.

Tempo Social

Tempo Social installs over 70 different portlets into the OpenText Portal. Siterise helps you manage the portlets and the display templates associated with the portlets.

Content Server

Use Siterise to manage any Content Server Portlets

Media Manager

Use Siterise to manage any Media Manager Portlets

Filesystem Connector

Now you can mount directories as Siterise resources. This feature allows you to use the Siterise Editor and Comparison Tool on any set of files.